Therapy Tuesday

Today was a big day.  I discharged my patient, Barbara, who I can say, without a doubt, is my biggest success story.

I met Barbara months ago.  I was only supposed to see her the once, covering for another physical therapist.

She was unable to stand.  She was scared to even try to stand with me because I’m a small woman.  With time, she grew confident that we could do it.  Every session had laughs.  Many sessions had her in tears, frustrated by the slow progress.  One session, when she finally walked without any help from me, I cried.

After months of hard work, she can now stand and walk in her home without anyone helping her.

It has been a great pleasure working with Barbara and I hope she only continues to gain strength and independence.


Monday Musings

Over the weekend, I made a little purchase and when I say ‘I did’ I mean my mother and when I say ‘little’, if my dad asks it was $100.  My mother went with me to the Baseball card show in White Plains to keep my spending in check, or so I thought.  The last time I went to this place, I purchased a large Mike Piazza photo, that he signed in front of me, & I had it framed.  My little pup H loved it.  Here she is posing with it.



H doesn’t feel the same about the new purchase – an even bigger tribute to Piazza.  It’s a painting of Piazza.  


It’s Amazin’

However, when H first saw it she barked and barked as if there was an intruder!  

Really, she should know Mike is a welcome guest in our home, anytime.

Les than a week to Opening Day!


Free for all Friday


I attended a meeting at work yesterday and was seated with 6 of my co-workers.  Three have read “Gone But Not Missed” and asked about the sequel.  A fourth bought the book (on her phone) on the spot!  I’m not sure what’s wrong with the other 2:)

Today is the last day of ‘Gone But Not Missed’ St Patty’s Day sale price of 99cents for the ebook.  

Have a great day!

Travel Thursday

Next week I fly to Montreal to see the Mets play exhibition games in Montreal against the Blue Jays. (Note to self, stop watching news coverage of the missing Malaysian flight).  I started thinking about what to pack and checked the weather.  SNOW is forecasted!  I think we all remember the ‘Sprinter Series’ of ’13 (Mets at Twins – dubbed the Spring-Winter series because of the cold and snow!).  It was a lot of fun – Minnesotans are really nice but a little crazy!  Why build an outside stadium in a place that cold!

At least Olympic Stadium is not outside.  I really have to plan my spring travel better:)  If only the Mets had been playing in the Australian Opening series, I’d be warm:) 


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

In honor of the ‘green’ holiday, here’s a way you can save a little ‘green’.  ‘Gone But Not Missed’ (ebook version) is on sale for 99cents this week.   My debut novel may also be featured on as a deal of the day.

Wear your green!  Have a green beer or bagel!  Happy St Patty!

Flip Flop Friday

Most of you know I love to wear flip flops.  I wear them year round, except if there’s snow on the ground. (To no one’s surprise, I wear Mets flip flops while walking H.  And yes, I own more than one pair of Mets flip flops.)

I saw a neighbor a few weeks ago when I was leaving my apartment to walk H and she looked to my feet and said “I’m glad you’ve got shoes on!  It’s cold out!”  

**Update on the blog – I’m going from 5x/wk to 2-3x/wk.  

Make sure you’ve signed up to get an email for when I’ve posted.  Blog posts will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays & another day, if and when the mood strikes:)

Have a great Friday!