Did your Monday include seeing a car chase?

This post is late because this Monday was another tough one.  Last week, I learned that a day can be scored a success if you survived, weren’t arrested, weren’t fired and no one got hurt.   My Monday consisted of a mild injury to myself and my car & a police report being filed.    

I’d like to call Monday a win because it had been going well until….

A car hit my car and sped off.          Another car chased after him.       I had to call the police.  

While on with the 911 operator, the man that chased after the hit and run driver came back, yelling from his window that he got the guy.  (He got his license plate number.)   The police felt this was of little help and think it unlikely they’ll find him.  His smashed up hood might give him away though.

All I’m saying is I’m glad this Monday is President’s Day, I’m not leaving the house. (Of course, two weeks ago, I woke to bubbles of water coming down my bedroom wall because my upstairs neighbor had a leak.)  

But, on the positive side, 77,000+ downloaded GBNM over the weekend, and I can only hope most of them have the proper formatted version:)


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