Monday Musings

This weekend should have been awesome.  I ran a Bookbub promotion and when I first checked it, on Friday night, ‘Gone…But Not Missed” had 37,000+ downloads.  I called two people to tell them – they didn’t believe me!  They knew I wouldn’t lie- they probably thought I went to Happy Hour or was losing my mind.  (Ok, they probably only thought the latter).  I sent screenshots for my friends to confirm what I saw.  We were all so excited.

As you can tell, from the flurry of blog posts Saturday, the happiness didn’t last.  Somehow, some (I’m praying not all) Bookbub readers got a strange format of GBNM.  Some were available to read past these anomalies and gave me great reviews; some were not.

When I first learned of the error, and visualized the oncoming onslaught of negative reviews due to a problem not of my own making and having nothing to do with my novel, I vowed to retire from writing.  But, I ran into 2 neighbors Sunday.  A simple hello to me and my little dog would have sufficed.  But they both told me how much they love my book.  One talked to me in the lobby for fifteen minutes about it!

We’ll see if the Bookbub promotion was a success.  I already have 20 more reviews than I did on Friday and most were good.

71,062 downloaded GBNM.  (Including one of the customer service  representative:) who I spoke to about the GBNM problems)


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