Scoring the day

Monday was a rough day.

Snow, cranky patients, a plow piling up a foot and a half of snow against my car in a senior living facility, and bad drivers made for a long day.

When I arrived home safely, I texted my friend, Gina, that the day had beat me.

She texted back “Monday 1, A 0”

To me, that looks close.  It looked a pitching duel.  I envisioned Kershaw vs Verlander.  (Harvey is on the DL so thinking of him pains me).

I disputed her, texting it was more like 8-4.  I did some good, but would need a grand slam to get back into the day.

I didn’t text it but I thought, ‘I really need Bill’s** perspective.’

And that is what she texted- “maybe we need to ask bill how we should officially score it.”

So, of course, he was consulted.

I expected him to ignore the request.  I mean, really, I think he has better ways of using his time than scoring my day.

But he responded very thoughtfully & made me view my day as a success!

I got the win!

(I survived, I wasn’t fired, no one was hurt, and I wasn’t arrested.)

This exchange taught me 2 things.  One, I have new criteria for a bad day.

Two, I am in desperate need for baseball.

**If you don’t know you Bill is, check my blog’s comments on Jan 8.


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