Most thought provoking question of the weekend

You’d think it would have been triggered from Super Bowl Boulevard as my mother and I tried not to get crushed to death


from the chaos of Macy’s as people bought Super Bowl merchandise in the mobbed, loud store.

But no, it was a tweet from Publisher’s Weekly.  “JK Rowling – Hermione should have married Harry Potter.”

How should the Harry Potter series have ended?

As Troy Barnes (from NBC comedy Community) would say, this wrinkled my brain.

I can’t wrap my mind around it.  I never put much thought about how Harry Potter ended.  I thought it was a little too neat but that’s what the public wants so I understood it.

I forwarded it to two Harry Potter friends and one was shocked (“Who else would they be with?” referring to Harry and Ginny) and the other agreed (I could never see Hermione and Ron together.  “Ginny and Harry were an epic fail for me”).  Interesting.

JK Rowling said she did it for ‘personal reasons not for reasons of credibility’.  Interesting.  It was how she first envisioned the plot and she ‘clung’ to it.  Well, I think she still should still cling to it.  She can’t change it now, just keep this knowledge to yourself.

As a writer, I understand that an author’s perceived ending is not what the public would want.  Did you know Charlaine Harris (author of the books that inspired the HBO True Blood series) didn’t do a book tour for the last book in the series?  She was threatened by fans over the story’s ending.  As someone who has read the entire series, I thought it ended perfectly.  Joe Hill’s book ‘Heart Shaped Box’ didn’t end the way I thought it should.  He is still a talented writer.  I still read his works.

During my meeting with my editor, she made suggestions that weren’t true to character.  As my mother said, these are your characters, only you know where they go.

You might not like where Lily goes, where Nathan goes but I know where each of them end up.  The ending has already been written.


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