Free for all Friday

What I’ve noticed the most from the blog is that the posts I think are thought provoking or funny, get few, if any, responses. 

But the ones that are brief, get comments.  

Fellow writers in the groups I’m in recommend keeping the blog short – 400-500 words.

I’ve been called short more than once, so today’s blog will be short as well.


Thursday Thoughts

So, I want to ask a question.

Hypothetical, of course.

But, lets say a friend is a writer.

And that friend was writing a scene where  Nathan… I’m sorry, I mean, a male character gets into a fight.

Who should she ask for help in making sure this scene realistic?

She thinks about all her male friends and her friends’ husbands.  Who would be the most likely to have been in a fight?

That was the easy part.  The hard part is asking that person for help without saying “You were the first man I thought of when I needed help with a fight scene.”

But, again, this is hypothetical, of course.  But just hoping it doesn’t lead to a fight in my real world:)


In other news, ‘Gone But Not Missed’ is featured on the  Special ebook price for a few days.

Writing Wednesday

‘Blogging? It’s stupid to write for no money.’ – Quote from Erica Jong, during Elle Magazine interview, Dec 2013

Is she right?  I have read on many websites, in countless tweets, and in many emails an author needs a “platform” – a presence on Facebook, Twitter, blogs.

Has my blog led to any sales?  I have no idea.

Travel Tuesday

My next big trip?  Don’t know.  (I”ve been told my trip to Montreal to see the Mets play the Blue Jays – and my 42nd MLB stadium! -doesn’t count).

Writer’s Police Academy in September?  I know I’ll learn a lot but definitely not a vacation – Lee Lofland really keeps us moving!

My mother’s birthday?  It’s going to be an awesome trip in October to Florida.  Even H is going!

But the next international trip?  Don’t know.  Going to New York Times Travel Show to get ideas on Saturday!

So many choices!

Free for all Friday

Have you noticed I’ve started to have a theme for each day’s blog?

It’s my plan to keep me focused with the blog.  Will it last?  We’ll see.

Yesterday I was talking to my mother and she described someone as “weird”.  I asked what that meant.  She proceeded to describe what I would call an ideal situation.  It is literally my dream.

It comes to no surprise to me that my mother, or anyone that really knows me, would describe me as weird.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

What would you think if a negative character had your name?

So, I want to ask a question.

Hypothetical, of course.

But, lets say a friend is a writer.

And that friend wrote a second book.

And one character had your name.

And that character was unlikable, a villian of sorts.

I’m just asking.

Hypothetical of course.