I’m a Guppy!

During summers as a kid, I spent a lot of time swimming.  I’d spend hours in the pool & more than one on looker would call me ‘a fish.’

In college, my nickname was guppy.  (One of many hilarious nicknames I had.)

Now, I’m officially part of an organization where I’m called a guppy.  The Guppy section of the writer organization, Sisters in Crime, is an acronym for “The Great Unpublished.”  They support authors to improve their craft and marketing skills.  I had not joined the group earlier due to a bad experience with a critique group in the past.  (Many of the members of that group loved to use red ink to tear apart submitted works, not just mine.  The point of being in the class – yes I paid for the honor of being ripped to shreds- was constructive feedback.  The teacher provided this weekly but the other members provided poor feedback & I stopped submitting to the group.  I continued submitting to the teacher, who agreed the group had a ‘weird vibe’ that go round.)

Anyway, I joined The Guppy group because I need to find beta readers for the sequel….Drum roll please…Sequel Titled – ‘Not Forgotten’. (More on that another day:)


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