The highlight of my weekend

I know you’re expecting me to say I went on a nice date (sorry…I’ll continue once you stop laughing.)

Seriously, you expect me to say it was the hours I spoke about Galapagos with friends and family, or when I was reviewing the hundreds of vacation photos, or seeing the movie “Gravity’, finally.

But, the highlight of my weekend was registering for WPA 2014 & getting into “The Felony Murder Investigation Workshop.’  I actually screamed when I saw I made it in the class!

WPA is the Writers’ Police Academy, organized by Lee Lofland, and partially sponsored by Sisters in Crime (a writers organization, not a crime ring of women).  Registration opened at 12noon and I was registered by 12:04pm.  I’m so excited to attend the event again, my third time.  But sad, my writing friend Sue (and the only one I’ve ever really spoken to at the event) won’t be there.  Looking forward to another weekend of choosing between classes on cold cases or sexual assault and talks by Retired Secret Service Agents or ATF agents.

Per their website, ‘The Writers’ Police Academy offers the most hands-on, interactive and educational experience writers can find to enhance their understanding of all aspects of law enforcement and forensics.  This is a one of a kind event, featuring real police, fire, and EMS training at an actual police academy. Top instructors and experts!”

Can’t wait to go.  I know I’ll learn more to make ‘The Nathan Miccoli Series’ as accurate as I can.  But it’s a long wait – September!


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