Still #happyingalapagos


You know that’s me because of the colorful sneakers!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I got close to the animals.  Ecuador’s government is very strict about all things Galapagos.  One rule is you cannot get within 6 feet of the animals.  Well, here, we had no choice.  This cute sea lion was lounging on the stairs to the panga and we had to walk around him to get back to La Pinta.  This may have been my favorite moment of the trip – we sat for about 15 minutes waiting for our ride and watched the sea – we saw sea turtles swimming, an eagle ray jump out of the water, and this guy watching us.  Such Fun!

Not all the passengers went for this tour – a Galapagos cruise is an Active vacation and some stayed on the ship to rest.  When fellow passenger Bunny asked if she missed anything, I hesitated.  I didn’t want to tell her about this guy!  Or the whales we saw from the other side of the island, the elusive short eared owl who flew over us & the countless birds.

As one passenger said, each excursion was an “experience” and he was right.

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