The Big 3

When you travel to Africa for a safari, many tourists are hoping to see The Big 5.  For me, in Galapagos, it was The Big 3.  I searched for a cruise that was most likely to see sea lions, giant tortoises & penguins.  And I did a great job!  By the end of the first full day on the cruise, I had seen all of them.  Here’s me snorkeling with penguins.  


Jennifer had quite a time getting the picture as the waves bobbed us up & down.  She did a great job. (Her husband should get credit for yesterday’s great photo.)

The great picture of me with the giant tortoise is coming – waiting for them to be posted on Metropolitan Touring’s Facebook page.  Pablo got a great shot of me – it looks like I’m right with the tortoise but I’m actually 10 ft behind him.  

It’s hard to believe this was just a week ago.  I’m no longer “happy in galapagos’ but ‘frozen in New York’. 

Update on the sequel to ‘Gone…But Not Missed’, I have a meeting with my editor today.  



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