#Happy in Galapagos

What a great time on La Pinta in the Galapagos!  Fantastic!  Thank you metropolitan-touring.com, especially Bernarda, in helping me plan the trip.  It was everything I had dreamed it would be.  I swam with penguins, sea lions, eagle rays, schools of fish & SHARKS!  I was close to countless birds, giant tortoises, and sea lions.  We also saw sea turtles, whales and fur seals.

I cannot wait to share the pictures of the cruise when Metropolitan Touring posts them on their Facebook page.

The fellow passengers were amazing – ranging from a 7th grader on vacation with her dad to a lovely grandmother traveling with her son and daughter in law.  I was so lucky to share meals and countless laughs with my fellow passengers.  I hope to call these lovely people fans of ‘Gone But Not Missed’ in the upcoming weeks.  Once everyone gets home (many are still traveling to amazing places), they’re planning to read the  mystery novel of their favorite new author:)




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