My friend Pat

I got sad news today.  My friend Pat passed away.  I don’t think too many 30somethings can call an 80something a friend.  But, without question, Pat was my friend.

Five years ago, we met while she needed outpatient physical therapy.  She worked as a travel agent & told me great trip ideas.  She also told me about her other hobby, flying a glider.  I was so impressed that an 80 year old woman traveled so much and flew a plane!  She’s like no other woman I’ve ever met.  

After she was discharged, we kept in touch.  When I was planning vacations, she always gave me helpful advice.  Unfortunately, two years ago she had a stroke & I once again was her physical therapist.  Treating her in her home for months to help her recover, I learned more about her and her lovely family.  During this time, she (and her daughter) planned a trip to Italy for me and my friend, Gina.  Gina and I had a great time & we presented her with “The GAIT AWARD” upon our return for Best Travel Agent.  (The Gina & Alicia Italy Travel Award- ironically named GAIT because we’re both therapists).


She taught me a lot – gave me pointers on raising good children, on traveling, on packing light (or in my case, at least lighter).  And we laughed – a lot.  I’m sad to say she never read my book due to the loss of her vision.  But she was a big supporter of GBNM.  Like all my other friends, I gave her bookmarks to give her friends & family:)  Just a couple weeks ago, she told me how she wished me much success with GBNM.

I’m leaving for Galapagos today.  A trip I don’t think I’d taking if not for her.  I will be very sad the Tuesday when I return that I won’t be able to talk to her about my experience.  She’s the only person I know who has ever been there.  

So, this has been a long winded blog to tell you that I loved her and that I’ll miss her.


3 thoughts on “My friend Pat

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends passing. I guess in our field 80 something year old friends are quite typical. I’m glad she was able to encourage you to travel, gave you useful life pointers and shared in your accomplishments. She sounds spunky, smart and courageous! I know she will be missed. You’ve honored her here, on this blog. I hope you enjoy Galapagos and maybe go gliding one day….for Pat!

  2. Very sad to hear this news. I never met Pat but she was so awesome when she helped plan our Italy trip. And she deserved her GAIT award. You were very lucky to have her as a friend and the lessons she shared will be with you forever. RIP Pat- no more suffering with illness in your future thankfully.

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