Table gifts

Do you get a table gift?  My mother started this – at Christmas dinner, you got another gift.  She said it was so you still had something to look forward to after opening all those gifts in the morning.  

It started small but as the years went on the gifts started to get bigger.  The tradition has been abandoned because the pressure became to great to find a gift that was appropriately sized to sit nicely on your plate, that could top the year before.  (Please note, I’d start shaking my gift once my mother set the table.)

I think we ended the tradition on a great note – my last table gift was a Tug McGraw signed baseball.  (An aside- my mother went into Steiner Sports to buy the gift and asked for a Tim McGraw signed baseball.  I’m very thankful the salesman corrected her).

For those that don’t know, Tug McGraw was the Mets relief pitcher in 1973 – when the Mets won the NL Pennant.  (And no I wasn’t alive then but when your team has only been to the World Series 4x in their existence, you know all about each of them).  He started the rallying cry “Ya Gotta Believe!,” a personal motto I’ve adopted.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas! (Or a Merry Wednesday for some of my followers:).    


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