O Christmas Tree

My first year out of college, a Christmas tree was my nemesis.  It was the first year I had to put up a tree without family to help.  I lived in Texas and a friend helped me.  We walked into the lot that they were selling the trees, I picked one in under five minutes (record time!), we put it in my friend’s truck and drove back to the rental I lived in.  As we tried to put the tree in the stand, we realized it was much bigger than I anticipated.  I struggled under the tree, while she stabilized it.  There was a moment when she lost focus and I yelled “If this Christmas tree falls on me…. you better get a picture because it’ll be hilarious!”  Fortunately, it didn’t fall.  But it took seven hours (from start to finish), several strings of chili pepper lights, 2 trips to Walmart and one cowboy boot to complete.  And the next morning, my puppy pulled all that hard work down.


Fortunately, my mini schnauzer puppy, L, learned she preferred to steal Santa hats instead.  My ten pound puppy only once pulled down the seven foot, Texas themed Christmas tree.

(Reminder- Book Revue to be selling ‘Gone But Not Missed’ starting this weekend.  You can also get it at amazon.com/author/arkennedy at a special holiday price for the ebook.)


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