Experience vs gift

I attended a work party over the weekend and had the pleasure of sitting with three lovely ladies.  I shamelessly promoted my novel, Gone But Not Missed, prior to dinner being served.

One told us the volume of gifts her children receive and how she’s requested her children’s grandmother spend a day with them instead of going broke on presents.  I agreed.

My grandmother gave me lots of gifts, but I only remember two of them.  One was because I almost knocked my front teeth out when I hugged her.  The second because I was less then gracious when I received it.   What do I remember about my Nana?  I remember making brownies with her, her allowing me ice cream for lunch when she’d take me out, and fighting over the last mushroom in the gravy at holiday dinners.

Just a thought to all the grandmothers out there.  (For the mothers reading, the kids – no matter the age-  still want gifts:)


2 thoughts on “Experience vs gift

  1. It’s funny because a few of the kids I know throw tantrums when this years gift is not more extravagant than the last years. What if last year they got a PS3? Christmas becomes more about the ‘gifts’ than the presents. Know what I mean? We’ve swapped it around for a few years now. We watch movies together. We bake together with their grandmum and then play her favorite board game. To accommodate the teenagers and their gaming dad, we set up an RPG game so we could all join and play as a clan (http://www.schoolofdragons.com this year). I see what you mean about experience vs gifting.

  2. I am certain that my kids will not remember any of the gifts they receive 20 years from now….but I’m certain that they will remember the priceless memories they make with grandma. Experience is worth more than gold!!

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