7 blogs to Christmas

And 7 Christmas themed blogs in those 7 days.

No blog on Christmas, not for religious reasons, but because it’s “The Time of the Doctor”, the last episode of Doctor Who with Matt Smith as the Doctor.  Translation – a very dark day.  I’ve never watched a TV show where I know there will be tears.  (I’m sure my mother is thrilled I’ve labeled Christmas as a dark day.)

My mom is a neat woman. She keeps a very neat home.  But on Christmas, the paper flies!  The words “Save the paper” have never been uttered by her.  She encourages all to rip into their gift with gusto.

After the gifting is done, the mounds of paper remains throughout the living room until after breakfast.

More than once, Cuddles – don’t start, I was eleven when I named him – our poodle got lost in the paper.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s the proof.  If you look closely, you’ll see L (my beautiful black schnauzer) in the middle of that glorious mess of wrapping paper.


Don’t forget – there’s still time to buy my mystery novel, Gone But Not Missed, and have it in time for the holidays.



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