What’s on your desk?

As I told you earlier in the week, I’ll be on Terry O’Dell’s blog next month (January 21, 2014)  Terryodell.com/terrysplace.

I had to answer 10 questions, choosing from 20 questions.  One was “What’s on your desk?”  I skipped it thinking my answer would be boring.  Then I looked at my desk and realized it says a lot.


It’s currently decorated for Christmas.  Those are Doctor Who themed Christmas Cards (Christine at Scrapcrafter on Etsy.com did a great job).  Since the picture was taken, I’ve put up a ceramic tree that was my grandmother’s  (the only Christmas tree I have up).   The table and chair are also my grandmother’s.  (For the sake of my mother, I will not share the story of the chair.  But, that would be a great blog post:)

If you look closely, you can see my favorite autographed memorabilia – Johan Santana, Ron Darling, and Tug McGraw.  The Tug McGraw one was an amazin’ Christmas gift a few years ago.

By taking a quick look I think you can guess – I don’t use the table to write.  I sit on my couch with my laptop.  (Oh no, are more disciplined writers appalled?)

So, what do you get from a glimpse at my desk – 1- I love Doctor Who.  2- I love baseball and the New York Mets. 3- I have a huge Statue of Liberty wall decal on my wall (I currently have it blocked because since the Doctor Who episode ‘Angels in Manhattan’ it gives me nightmares.)  4- I’m a minimalist for Christmas decorations:)

See you next week blog followers:)


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