GBNM withdrawal?

I received a great email yesterday – a fan told me he had “GBNM withdrawal”.  (Even better, he’s bought several copies of GBNM as Christmas gifts.  What a lovely idea!)

After being the first one to read GBNM last year, my friend Jackie told me she was obsessed with it, in a good way.

Another friend Gina texts me with good ideas for promoting GBNM regularly. (I cannot share her latest idea- it’s very intriguing.)  It’s become her mission for GBNM to be successful, including being made into a movie.

The sequel, tentatively called ‘Lost & Found’, is currently being edit.  Here’s me and Jackie with the first copy for her birthday. (Is it terrible I give the gift of me for birthdays?  I haven’t had any complaints!)


I’m sure ‘The 7 Line Army’ recognizes the shirt.  No truer words have been spoken “Baseball is my First Love.”

Go get your copy of ‘Gone…But Not Missed’ now – and find out why we’re talking about it!


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