Weird…Gone But Not Missed



This is the screen shot of my conversation with a representative.  (By the way, they do have great customer service.)  She lives in Arizona and knows about my book!  

I got absolute chills when I read it!  See I wasn’t kidding when I said GBNM was going global:)

I don’t know who told her.  Despite living in Arizona for 6 months, ten years ago, I don’t know anyone there now.  H, my adorable dog, was born there.  

In other great news, my neighbor stopped me to tell me the book was ‘fantastic’ & we know that’s my favorite word.

So, if you haven’t ordered it yet, GO NOW!  If you have it, go read it!  Then tell everyone you know about your favorite new author.  (And write your reviews on too:)

‘Gone But Not Missed’ is a mystery set in Long Beach, NY.  Lillian is kidnapped and kept in a replica of her bedroom.  She’s held captive with her adorable mini schnauzer, Laude.  The story is told from her point of view and also from Nathan’s, the off duty police officer looking for her.    


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