Surprised I’m a writer

When I tell people I know I’ve written a novel (‘Gone…But Not Missed” a mystery set in Long Beach NY), most people are shocked.  I gave the first draft to a friend, never telling her I had an idea for a book, never mind wrote one.  I remember sitting at her kitchen table, terrified to give it to her.  After she loved it, I slowly spread it to other friends who were also surprised.

But I think what they are more surprised by is that it’s good.  It’s a little funny, a little sad, a little creepy.  (I hope that’s not how they describe me, although if they replace creepy with ‘quirky’ they’re about right.  And a ‘little’ for ‘a lot’ for funny:).   

Even my 2nd grade teacher was surprised.  I haven’t kept in contact since second grade but a few years ago, she was a patient of mine.  I was amazed at how she remembered my class and me so well.  She even brought in photos of my class! (That I would regret she showed – I was a blue fairy for our class show).  She was a wonderful teacher and remains a lovely lady.  “The student became the teacher” she wrote in her thank you card to me.  (I still have it)

So…warning.  Don’t be surprised that you’ll like it.  And don’t be surprised that you stay up all night reading it.




2 thoughts on “Surprised I’m a writer

  1. I, for one, was extremely surprised that you were thinking of writing a book and of course more surprised when you gave me a copy as a birthday gift when we were up in Cooperstown. I started reading it and I could not put it down – finished it by the next morning and I was amazed – one of the best books that I had read in a long time. As your mother I would have told you the book was very good (and crossed my fingers behind my back) but this book is GREAT. I am anxiously awaiting the second and third book. Reading your blog mentioning the “blue fairy” and your 2nd grade teacher brought lots of good memories to me.

  2. I have to say that I was not surprised in the least when you handed me the book. I think I’d been telling you for years ” you should write this down, it’s good stuff”. Of course, the subject matter was completely different but, it was totally hilarious none the less. I’m already a huge fan and cannot wait to read the entire series. I,e., if you write it, I will read it……

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