I’m amazed by the reviews I’ve gotten.  They’re thoughtful, great, and accurate!

I love hearing how ‘Gone…But Not Missed’ kept someone up to 1am reading or caused them to miss their subway stop.  There’s nothing better than a book that sucks you in like that!  I also love how others have pointed out everything there is to love in the book – mystery, an adorable dog, humor, romance – & how it has no gratuitous sex or violence.  It’s book so many ages can read- mothers and daughters have shared it.  Also, men and women love it too, including husbands and wives.  

The reviews have said it much better than I can.  It took me a week to write the blurb on the back of the book.   

I can’t write a good review.  When I purchase something on Amazon, and they ask me to write a review, I stare at the page.  Then I write something short and I’m told it’s too short.  Ironic, isn’t it?  I can write a 300 page novel but can’t write a 3 sentence review of a product I like.

So, thanks again for the great reviews and keep spreading the word.  



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