Just a reminder…it’s a work of fiction:)

Just a reminder…’Gone…But Not Missed’ – my debut novel, set in Long Beach NY- is a work of fiction.

Some of you will read “Gone…But Not Missed” and enjoy it.  Some of you will wonder who I based the characters on.  This is for all friends and neighbors to read.   Any similarity to a real person is unintentional.

Long Beach, NY is represented.  I’ve referenced businesses I frequent, but have changed their names.  (To my neighbors, you know where “Rein’s Bakery” is based on. If you haven’t had a Russian Tea Biscuit at our local bakery -Country Boy Bakery, please go.  Now.  The blog will wait.)

Again, Annie is not Jackie.  (Case in point… when I once told her I wore two different shoes to work, she laughed and told me when I did it again to tell people it was a social experiment.  I loved that she knew it would some day happen again.)

Just to prove it, I took a bbcamerica.com quiz  “Which Doctor are you?” (of the 11 Doctor Who the series has had), answering as Lily.  I took the quiz a few weeks as myself and it was shockingly right on.  I was initially surprised they said I was most like the First Doctor.  But the summary summed me up, although a bit harsh:) – “…anyone that thinks you are frail or weak.  There’s a spark in your eyes that could become a raging fire”.

And for Lily, who is most like the 11th Doctor (also the current doctor for the next 21 days), it was also correct.  “Sometimes you make bad decisions” – that’s true.  Nathan would attest that she is a “hard person to forget.”   (In related news, Nathan would be the 5th Doctor).  In news that won’t shock anyone, I spend too much time thinking about Doctor Who.

Characters are a conglomerate of bits and pieces of people I’ve met and my imagination gone wild.  And as my friends will attest to, I do have a wild imagination.


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