My first Hanukkah

This was my first Hanukkah.   

There were lessons on how to spell ‘Hanukkah’; there was profanity while I misspelled it each time.

There were Menorahs.  There were latkes.  

There were songs.  And there was a gift for me!  

And then there were tears.  And the words no Jewish child ever wants to hear “Hanukkah has been cancelled.”


As a writer, it’s not surprising that I love to read.  I love when someone recommends a book to me that they think I will really enjoy. 

As a child, I read ferociously.  One of my earliest memories is going to the Queens County library with my mother.  (It’s either that or getting yelled at in kindergarten by the art teacher.  I think we’ll go with the happier one please.)


I spent two nights of Hanukkah with my friend Jackie and her lovely family.  I spent hours contemplating the perfect gift for each member of the family.  (And, I do mean each member of the family – Teddy, the cocker spaniel & Kitty, yes, the cat also got gifts).  

Jackie loved her owl themed gifts.  

Her husband loved his Superman T-shirt (Don’t worry.  That’s not inappropriate.  I don’t think he’s Superman.  He does.  It’s his ringtone when he calls his wife.)  

The baby loved her LeapFrog toy/stuffed animal, instantly giving it kisses.  

The 4 year old, who I’ve often drawn with- fortunately without flashbacks from kindergarten- loved his drawing tablet.  

And then the 6 year old… I knew giving a set of books to a 6 year old could turn ugly.  I figured he’d be initially disappointed but I envisioned reading it to him that night and all would be well.  I was wrong.  There were tears after he was scolded after asking if that was all I got for him, because his brother got a toy.  But the next morning all was right in the world and he apologized and agreed he’d like the books.  

Unfortunately, he had a similar reaction to his babysitter’s gift and Jackie uttered  the words no child wants to hear. “Hanukkah has been cancelled.”

I stayed in the other room as she unwrapped the remaining nights gifts he was going to get.  I couldn’t watch.  

I only hope to be invited again next year.  And this time, everyone is getting a toy.

Don’t forget.  When the Menorah candles stop being lit, the 99cent ebook will be gone.  Get ‘Gone…But Not Missing’ – a mystery novel set in Long Beach, NY – before the price goes up.



One thought on “My first Hanukkah

  1. When I read it, it’s funny. When I think about it, not so much! I think I’m more traumatized then him. I’m glad Chanukah was not ruined for you permanently because you have a standing invitation. Next year will be latkas, menorahs,songs and smiles and hopefully this behavior is some kind of anomily that only takes place when thanksgiving and Chanukah are at the same time ( 2076 will be the next time)!!!!!

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