‘Gone…But Not Missed’ going global

Today I mailed the Goodreads.com winners their books.  ‘Gone…But Not Missed’ has been sent to 9 different states.

I’ve lived in 8 different states, traveling through 47 states since graduating college.  I eventually moved back to Long Island, NY – oh, the irony.    My little schnauzer, H, is also well traveled, having visited over 30 states.


Here we are while on a road trip.  L is also in the picture- she lived with me in 8 states, and traveled to 42 states!  That’s one well-traveled pooch.  Today is the anniversary of her death – she is still, 5 years later, dearly missed.  She was a wonderful companion (Please let someone get the Doctor Who reference:)

But back to ‘Gone…But Not Missed’ – It’s even going international!  When it was released, I immediately told my friends in England.  Over the weekend, I signed some books that will be heading to Toronto, Canada.  Another friend told me she sent a book to her friend in Malawi (I had to look up where that is – Southeast Africa for those wondering – I really hope I’m not the only one.)


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