Happy New Years Eve!

Got any big plans?  During recent years, my NYE celebrations have been curtailed to a normal evening.

I think I lived it up enough during previous years.  I can seriously tell you NYE stories that include – 40s, pimentos, a boyfriend’s mother, red jeans, Times Square, jail, short shorts, bathroom doors, London.  Each are from tales of NYEs past, except the two least likely to be connected that, of course, are.  And each are hilarious.

So, I wish you a Happy New Year and advise you to celebrate by buying my book, Gone But Not Missed.  You’ll ring in the year with a little laughter and a little mystery.

And for your amusement, H and I a few NYE’s ago:)


Saddest day of the year

This was meant to be posted on December 26.  But like the British, I decided to take the day off.

I remember as a child, even one who still believed in Santa, December 26th was the saddest day of the year.  You were no longer counting down the days to Christmas (and I don’t think I’ve ever counted down the days to my birthday).  I remember coming down the stairs to no fanfare, no wrapped gifts; just a dark Christmas tree.

Some of my friends expected a very funny post today but I think we all know the events of the weekend will be in my memoir.  No Spoilers here!  (And please, picture River Song when you read ‘Spoilers’.  She’s the Doctor Who companion I’d most like to be.  There are many things wrong with that statement.  Maybe another blog post….  But per a BBC Doctor Who quiz- we know how I love a quiz- I’m most like Rory, which is interesting.  Check out the mysterista blog on Jan 31 to learn why that’s interesting:)

In other news, Gone…But Not Missed, will be in a future email from The Fussy Librarian.  Check them out!  They will send you daily deals of books in the genres you enjoy reading.  Their tagline “Bewildered by the number of books out there? Choose from 40 genres, select content preferences such as amount of sex and violence, and TheFussyLibrarian.com emails you daily deals.’

They have recently reopened to mystery submissions and I’m so glad they picked GBNM!  You have to have a minimum 10 reviews and 4.0 star rating to be considered.  So thank you GBNM fans for the great reviews!

Table gifts

Do you get a table gift?  My mother started this – at Christmas dinner, you got another gift.  She said it was so you still had something to look forward to after opening all those gifts in the morning.  

It started small but as the years went on the gifts started to get bigger.  The tradition has been abandoned because the pressure became to great to find a gift that was appropriately sized to sit nicely on your plate, that could top the year before.  (Please note, I’d start shaking my gift once my mother set the table.)

I think we ended the tradition on a great note – my last table gift was a Tug McGraw signed baseball.  (An aside- my mother went into Steiner Sports to buy the gift and asked for a Tim McGraw signed baseball.  I’m very thankful the salesman corrected her).

For those that don’t know, Tug McGraw was the Mets relief pitcher in 1973 – when the Mets won the NL Pennant.  (And no I wasn’t alive then but when your team has only been to the World Series 4x in their existence, you know all about each of them).  He started the rallying cry “Ya Gotta Believe!,” a personal motto I’ve adopted.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas! (Or a Merry Wednesday for some of my followers:).    

Christmas traditions

Every family has Christmas traditions. What’s yours?

Our family gets new pajamas Christmas morning.  My mother’s cousin started it and my mother did it for my first Christmas.  Gotta look good for the Christmas photos!  As an adult, I started buying pajamas for my parents.  And at some point, even the puppies would get something special to wear.  (I’m not proud but the pictures are hilarious!)


O Christmas Tree

My first year out of college, a Christmas tree was my nemesis.  It was the first year I had to put up a tree without family to help.  I lived in Texas and a friend helped me.  We walked into the lot that they were selling the trees, I picked one in under five minutes (record time!), we put it in my friend’s truck and drove back to the rental I lived in.  As we tried to put the tree in the stand, we realized it was much bigger than I anticipated.  I struggled under the tree, while she stabilized it.  There was a moment when she lost focus and I yelled “If this Christmas tree falls on me…. you better get a picture because it’ll be hilarious!”  Fortunately, it didn’t fall.  But it took seven hours (from start to finish), several strings of chili pepper lights, 2 trips to Walmart and one cowboy boot to complete.  And the next morning, my puppy pulled all that hard work down.


Fortunately, my mini schnauzer puppy, L, learned she preferred to steal Santa hats instead.  My ten pound puppy only once pulled down the seven foot, Texas themed Christmas tree.

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An extra helping of my blog









Big thanks to my co-worker Michael, pictured below, for promoting my book today!  After another entertaining meeting, he somehow makes people laugh while going over documentation regulations, he told the meeting about the great new book he’s read – that their coworker had written!  Someone in the meeting bought it immediately!  



MORE BIG NEWS – My debut mystery, Gone…But Not Missed, will be sold at Book Revue in Huntington, NY.  It is an amazing independent bookstore.  So, on the last Saturday before Christmas, go support locally owned Long Island business Book Revue and a Long Island author A R Kennedy and buy your copy!

What’s the most unique holiday gift you’ve gotten?

I once got a dreidel.  Yes, I got a dreidel for Christmas.

The most unique holiday gift I’ve ever given was a gift for a friend for Hanukkah.  She mentioned she loved Christmas music and wished she had a CD of Christmas songs, like Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland; songs that weren’t religious.

So I made her a compilation of her favorite songs.  And titled it “Christmas Songs.  Jesus Not Included.”

She loved it.  I think she still has it.

(I realize there may be eternal consequences for this gift:)

Still choosing between being naughty or nice?  Go nice for someone on your holiday gift list and buy my debut mystery, Gone…But Not Missed.    amazon.com/author/arkennedy


Happy Holidays!

Ever mix up gifts?

Have you ever given the gift you had for one person to another?  Was it hilarious? Or mortifying?

I was very lucky as a child to have a great aunt who loved me like a grandchild.  Her sister, my Nana, died when I was 10 and she took me on as one of her own grandchildren, despite having many grandchildren of her own.

She often gave me pajamas for Christmas.  One year, while I was in college, I went to visit Aunt Joan and Uncle Johnny to wish them a Merry Christmas.  I chatted with them for a while, they gave me a nicely wrapped gift and I left.  I don’t know why I didn’t open the gift there.  I think another family member came over so I left.

When I got home, I got quite a shock.

Yes, it was pajamas.  But I’m sure they weren’t the ones she picked for me- her 19 year old niece.  It was two short, silk nighties- one pink and one blue.  Not the usual floral flannels!

I will never forget it!

(You know a perfect gift….my mystery novel ‘Gone But Not Missed’, available at amazon.com/author/arkennedy)

Experience vs gift

I attended a work party over the weekend and had the pleasure of sitting with three lovely ladies.  I shamelessly promoted my novel, Gone But Not Missed, prior to dinner being served.

One told us the volume of gifts her children receive and how she’s requested her children’s grandmother spend a day with them instead of going broke on presents.  I agreed.

My grandmother gave me lots of gifts, but I only remember two of them.  One was because I almost knocked my front teeth out when I hugged her.  The second because I was less then gracious when I received it.   What do I remember about my Nana?  I remember making brownies with her, her allowing me ice cream for lunch when she’d take me out, and fighting over the last mushroom in the gravy at holiday dinners.

Just a thought to all the grandmothers out there.  (For the mothers reading, the kids – no matter the age-  still want gifts:)