Fantastic! – A Doctor Who Post

For most of my blog followers, this post will be gibberish.  Because it’s going to go all timey wimey.

My weekend was “Fantastic” because of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Broadcast.  It was exciting to be watching something, knowing millions were watching at the same time, riveted to the screen. (The same cannot be said when I watch Mets games.)

As “The War Doctor”, now also known as the 9th Doctor, entered the TARDIS at the end of the show, I saw that familiar glow and I held my breath, sat at the edge of my seat and hoped I’d see ‘My’ Doctor come onto the screen.   (To those unfamiliar to Doctor Who, Whovians will refer to their favorite Doctor as ‘My’ Doctor.  It speaks volumes that the Doctor previously known as the 9th Doctor is ‘My’ Doctor.)

I’ve watched only Doctor Who this weekend.  I only ate Doctor Who related foods on Saturday (bow tie pasta while drinking my version of the Sonic Screwdriver – with a TARDIS shaped and TARDIS Blue ice cube, Cake in the TARDIS shape; English muffins for breakfast was close enough for me as I drank tea from a Doctor Who mug) while wearing shoes with Gallifreyan symbols and a Season 6 themed TARDIS shirt.

Cheers! to Doctor Who’ s 50th!  Can’t wait for The Christmas Special!

Back to ‘The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series’ related posts tomorrow:)


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