Because it’s never easy…

I wrote this last night but didn’t post because I didn’t think anyone would want to read:)  Jodi told me to post it.

I had it all planned out.  I looked at the calendar, I factored in an extra day or 2, and then I started my posts – 7 days of posts to thank those that needed thanking.  And then release the book.

Yesterday, I got the email that the book was waiting my approval (a service is formatting the book so it’ll be pretty :).   I was giddy.  This was it.  My book would be published and sell tens of copies  [:)].

I started to map out where I’d drop off the bookmarks I had made and to drop off the flyers I designed.   I reviewed my mental list of the letters I was mailing or dropping off.  I WAS READY!

And then… They said it would take a few more days…That’s the process…Nothing they can do…Because nothing’s easy….

There was some profanity.  Some yelling.  Heidi sat patiently while I fretted.  The lady on the phone assured me my friends would be patient and would still buy the book:)  That they weren’t tired of my blog, my tweets, my talk of ‘Gone…But Not Missing.’

So, it’ll be soon for the book.  (The ebook will be even longer…don’t ask…unless someone knows how to format a file to an ebook…otherwise I’m paying someone to do that as well and that takes longer than you’d think.)

My goal has always been to have it out before the holidays.  I have 2 weeks.  Fingers crossed:)

I’ll keep you posted….


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