The woman who re-named the novel.  The friend who I first told I was writing.  

Gina was the only person I told when I started taking a writing course.  I needed to tell someone and I knew she wouldn’t ask too many questions.  She wouldn’t push for more answers (like at the Red Sox Duckboat parade, she didn’t push to know who ‘Gone But Not Missed’ is dedicated too:)  Hope it was worth the wait!)

I didn’t know her likes for books and had no idea if she’d like GBNM.  But she read it over 2 days and loved it.   

Gina will tell it like she sees it.  She once told me “I’m glad I’m not you” when I told her of one of my adventures.  (Spoiler – I think Annie says that to Lily once in GBNM).  

Thanks to her lovely mother as well, who was also a beta reader.

Thanks for being a good friend, Gina.  You’re the only friend I’ve ever travelled with and have remained friends with after the trip:)



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