Any Long Beach, NY business interested?

Harrison Comics in Salem, MA – my favorite comic book store – is selling my debut novel, Gone…But Not Missed.    Whovians  in Salem- check them out – they helped me prepare for “The Day of the Doctor.”

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‘Gone…But Not Missed” is a mystery set in Long Beach, NY.  Any Long Beach, NY small businesses interested in supporting a local?  It’s a great mystery written by a local.

Great gift for Hanukkah.  Sensational stocking stuffer!

Contact me at

Learn more at

You don’t need to get up at 3am to get a good deal this Thanksgiving

My new mystery novel is available.  For a limited time only, “Gone…But Not Missed” (ebook version) is .99cents on

One friend believes in “Gone…But Not Missed” so much, she’s given her friends the ‘good book guarantee.’  She’ll give them the $.99 back if they don’t like it.  Only one word could describe that – awesomeness!

In other exciting news, Mike Golic (ESPN Radio host of ‘Mike & Mike in the Morning’) received his copy and is looking forward to reading it.  His show is mentioned more then once in the book:)

To be honest, of the Mikes, I expected Greenie to be the “thank you note” kind of guy. Golic proved me wrong.

Check out the new great reviews on!  As one pointed out, the book has something for everyone – mystery, dogs, sports, humor & romance.  It’s great for those traveling this weekend – it’ll make that flight ‘fly’ by!  (Or help you deal with a delay.)

Happy reading!

Fantastic! – A Doctor Who Post

For most of my blog followers, this post will be gibberish.  Because it’s going to go all timey wimey.

My weekend was “Fantastic” because of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Broadcast.  It was exciting to be watching something, knowing millions were watching at the same time, riveted to the screen. (The same cannot be said when I watch Mets games.)

As “The War Doctor”, now also known as the 9th Doctor, entered the TARDIS at the end of the show, I saw that familiar glow and I held my breath, sat at the edge of my seat and hoped I’d see ‘My’ Doctor come onto the screen.   (To those unfamiliar to Doctor Who, Whovians will refer to their favorite Doctor as ‘My’ Doctor.  It speaks volumes that the Doctor previously known as the 9th Doctor is ‘My’ Doctor.)

I’ve watched only Doctor Who this weekend.  I only ate Doctor Who related foods on Saturday (bow tie pasta while drinking my version of the Sonic Screwdriver – with a TARDIS shaped and TARDIS Blue ice cube, Cake in the TARDIS shape; English muffins for breakfast was close enough for me as I drank tea from a Doctor Who mug) while wearing shoes with Gallifreyan symbols and a Season 6 themed TARDIS shirt.

Cheers! to Doctor Who’ s 50th!  Can’t wait for The Christmas Special!

Back to ‘The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series’ related posts tomorrow:)

Ebook now on sale!

‘Gone…But Not Missed” now available as an ebook.  For a limited time, priced at 99cents!

Makes a great gift!  Help your friends/family fill up their new E-readers.

Here’s me with my first autograph request.  When I walked in, she called me “The Author.”



My mom’s friend, Carol, and me with my debut book after I signed it for her!

How to help your new favorite author

Many of you have received your book in the mail.  Enjoy the read!  Even the beta-readers will notice a few changes, that I’m sure they’ll love.

Here are some ways to support your favorite new author

To clarify, I mean me:)

Tell all your friends, your co-workers, and your family.  Tell everyone you know!  Tell the lady standing behind you on line in the grocery store!

Read the book in public, leave it out on your desk at work – Let people see you with it.

Post on your facebook page.

Post on twitter  – #GBNM.

Post reviews on and

If you have any other ideas, email me –

My friend, Gina, is setting up a display at her husband’s store to market the book and will be selling copies.  Thanks again Gina!

Thanks again for your support!


Is there shame in self-publishing?

I’ve self-published my book.  I’m proud to tell friends, family, acquaintances I haven’t talked to in years, people I’ve only met once, and strangers on the street that I have a book available at

But I keep saying it with a disclaimer.  When that person gets super excited, I calm them down and tell them it’s self published.  But I assure them it’s good.

“It’s been professionally edited,” I tell them.

In the latest edition of “The 3rd Degree”, the newsletter of the Mystery Writer’s of America, there’s an interview with Karin Slaughter, best selling author of the Will Trent series.   She warns aspiring writers to be cautious regarding self-publishing because writers need to be edited to make them better writers.

I agree.  My work has been put the keen eye of an editor.

I hired Anne Dubuisson Anderson ( to edit my book and she did an excellent job.  She helped me make the language smoother, brainstormed ideas to strengthen the ending, and pointed out some plot holes.  But, the story remained the one I wanted to tell.  (I’ve often heard how authors made compromises in their stories based on editors/agents/publisher ‘suggestions’).

‘Gone…But Not Missed’ is a much stronger piece of work because of her.  I plan to hire her again before self publishing the sequel, ‘Lost & Found.’

I’ve self-published because I felt I’d done everything I could to get “Gone…But Not Missed” traditionally published.  I hired someone to re-write my query letter.  Anne edited my book and re-wrote the query.  I’ve researched agents tirelessly.  I follow many on Twitter (even the ones who’ve rejected my work. **Notice writers, I didn’t write ‘Me’.  They didn’t reject me.  They just didn’t feel my work was right for them.  I keep my feelings of rejection reserved for my dating life.)

I sent out 112 queries, I received 62 rejections.  It was time to change my game plan.

I have no shame for the work I produced.   I have no shame that I’ve self published.  Just because I couldn’t find an agent who believed in ‘The Nathan Miccoli Mystery series” doesn’t mean I shouldn’t believe.

”Ya, gotta believe!” – Tug McGraw, Mets relief pitcher, 1973

Great start to a Sunday:)

I will never ask you what you think of my book.  If you like it, you’ll tell me.  I was raised believing ‘If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”  and I stand by this.  (If you doubt me, ask my mother about how I responded to her ‘hairstyle’ before our trip to Chicago a few years ago).  

I state this because I don’t want neighbors or friends to avoid me if they don’t like my book.  It’s ok, not everyone likes what I like (case in point my favorite TV shows- Doctor Who and Community).  

I woke to find this note on my door.  It’s from my neighbor, who I gave the first copy of “Gone…But Not Missed” to. (Now available at

A great start to Sunday.